Ergoapt Dual Combo Keyboard

The Ergoapt Dual Combo is a dual connection, ergonomic keyboard and keypad combo with full sized keys, an aluminium case and rechargeable battery,
connected via wired or Bluetooth.

The separation of the Keyboard and Keypad allows for a flexible workspace setup to suit individual requirements.

The compact Keyboard can be centred in front of the user, to ensure the correct typing position and reduces the need to reach for the mouse.

The Keypad can then be placed wherever most suits the user, to the left of the Keyboard, to the right or even in front.

Compact Keyboard and Keypad Combo

  • Dual connection modes, the Keyboard and Keypad can be used as wired device by connecting to the computer via the included cables or wireless by connecting via Bluetooth – The computer will require Bluetooth capabilities to connect wirelessly
  • The Keyboard and Keypad can be positioned to suit individual needs and work spaces
  • The Keyboard and Keypad have rechargeable batteries
  • The Keyboard and Keypad share the same low profile, keeping wrist and hand in a neutral position
  • Full size and concave alphanumeric keys deliver a comfortable typing experience
  • The Keyboard and Keypad feature hot keys that reduce the need to reach for the mouse
  • Both the Keyboard and Keypad have an aluminium case that removes case flex


  • System compatibility -Windows -IOS -Android
  • Connection method Wired via cables.
  • The Keyboard connects to the computer, the Keypad connects to the Keyboard. Wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Keyboard and Keypad connect individually to the computer via Bluetooth. The computer will require Bluetooth capabilities to connect using Bluetooth.
  • Operating range <10m
  • Estimated charge time Approximately 2 – 4 hours


  • Keyboard Length 120mm Width 285mm Height 6mm -11mm
  • Keypad Length 120mm Width 85mm Height 6mm -11mm

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