Delta Ergonomic Office Chair

Our most customisable ergonomic range of chairs!

Designed to fit every body shape and size. Select from the different seat and back sizes, and from an array of options to suit your needs. These can be mixed and matched to fit the individual user – big or small, tall or short and anywhere in-between. 120kg weight limit.


  • Syncho Mech allows full body motion support
  • Seat slider, to vary the depth of the seat
  • Medium or high back
  • Lumbar pump to provide additional lumbar support
  • Optional height adjustable arms
  • Upholstered with your choice of fabric (leather is an option)
  • Various castor options
  • Memory foam overlay
  • Plastic or metal alloy base for an executive look
  • Available with a drafting kit (medium back only)

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